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Vote for Someone, who will do Something

Andy Hagon

Hi there! I'm Andy Hagon and the Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for Hartlepool. It is an honour to have been selected by the Lib Dems to stand in Hartlepool, the town where I was born and raised. I attended Brinkburn Secondary school and then Hartlepool 6th Form College, and have worked for Hartlepool Council's Children's Services, at St Hild's Secondary school, as well as our local Tesco's. I've been a Store Manager for Tesco's in London and an Assistant Headteacher in Yorkshire, amongst other things, and I currently work in schools, I'm a Specialist Leader in Education, Coach, and a Trustee on the Archbishop of York's Council.

Now let me be honest with you - Hartlepool needs to be a marginal constituency inorder to get all the political parties interested in our great town. Currently, Labour take the town for granted and so there's no pressure to do anything (and they don't, unless you count savaging our local health sevices). The Conservatives know this is a safe Labour seat and so won't spend much time worrying about Hartlepool until it's General Election time when someone will be wheeled out to fight the seat. The only way Hartlepool will prosper is if all the parties are fighting over it, or, you vote for someone who will actually be effective, and deliver on the promises they make during an election.

General Election final

Mike Hill, however, is not that person. I'm not aware that he's on the way to delivering on any of his promises or making headway on any campaigns:

  • He said 'we're out' (so he'll ensure we leave the EU), but according to www.theyworkforyou.com he almost always votes in Westminster for more EU integration, not less. He also voted against the Brexit (Repeal) Bill. This is a matter of trust.

He said in an interview in July 2017 that:

  • Hartlepool hospital was 'thriving'. He says he's a health campaigner admitting he fought hard for the town's fertility services but also admitted it was now a shadow of its former self (so he's had no impact).
  • He's going to 'try' and have a discussion with the CCG and the NHS Trust to bring back lost health services (ravaged and lost under Labour). But there's nothing concrete yet from Mr Hill.
  • We should rename the hospital The Alamo (I'm not sure Mr Hill knows his history) and surround it with people. Do you feel it's well protected in his hands? It was actually the Labour Party who attacked our hospital without mercy.
  • He was going to form a group with other local MPs to try and get hospital services back - I've not heard anything about this since he first mentioned it, nor his promised health campaign back in October 2016.
  • He wanted to build cohesive communities - I have seen no evidence of this.
  • What's his record on elderly community care - is it better resourced and controlled, as he promised over 18 months ago?
  • He says Councillors should be aware of the pressures on people and not have taken the 31% increase in allowances. Yet, Mr Hill's solidarity with the people of Hartlepool stops at his own door - he's claimed a free TV license at your expense.

He was asked in the interview what would need to have happened by 2021 to ensure his first term had been a success he said:

- for the hospital not to close (is it really in danger, Mike? Actually, it might be if Labour get in, given its record in Hartlepool).
- proper jobs to come into the town (the figures don't suggest these employment opportunities are coming into the town (with the highest proportion of claimants in the whole country)).
- improve the life expectancy for women in the town (have you seen a campaign aimed to help address this? No, I haven't).

In another interview he was asked what the people of Hartlepool could look forward to over his next 119 days (which elapsed in March 2017), he said:

  • improvements in elderly care (again, can we see any improvement?)
  • public health campaigning (I'm not sure what this means nor what Mike's impact has been)
  • tackling accomodation that's not fit for purpose (not aware of any movement from Mike on this)
  • promoting Hartlepool (not by quietly sitting on the Backbenches)
  • working with the Combined Authority (Middlesbrough and Stockton seem to be doing very well under the Mayor - why isn't Hartlepool getting its fair share?)
Hartlepool Mail article 21 Jan 2019

But I am passionate about bringing quality jobs to the town. We have one of the worst unemployment rates in the country and I see very little evidence that our curent MP is doing anything to rectify that. I'm passionate about improving the quality of education for our young people. Our local schools need investment so that we give our children the best possible start in life, especially if their employment opportunities are so poor.

And we need to be sure that when there's an emergency or a medical need, the medical services are there on hand, for all our residents. Unfortunatley, our NHS is in crisis. All too often a lack of care in the community means operations are cancelled and money wasted and we definitely need to bring social care and the NHS together.

Andy and Andy

Only the Liberal Democrats can prevent a Conservative majority. The Labour Party is in a mess, fighting amongst themselves rather than acting as the effective opposition this country so urgently needs. And Corbyn cannot be allowed to be Prime Minister - he cannot be trusted to lead our great nation and has proved time and again that he doesn't have the necessary leadership skills.

At the next General Election, we have a chance to change the direction of the country. A chance to make Britain more open, united and successful. Voting Liberal Democrat will make our town and our country an even better place.

That's why I'm standing as Liberal Democrat candidate for MP for Hartlepool.