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A warm welcome from the Hartlepool Liberal Democrats!

Thanks for visiting our website (especially to Victoria Ward residents who might be visiting us for the first time today)! You'll find information about who we are and what we stand for, you can download our Hartlepool Manifesto, join our campaign to help our Maternity Services as well as read lots of articles on local and national issues that matter to you.

So, why do Hartlepool Liberal Democrats exist? We believe that Hartlepool residents deserve the best - the best services, the best opportunities and therefore the best leadership. We truly do deserve the best! And we are determined to deliver the best and truly serve our fellow Hartlepudlians, all year round, given the chance.

But residents are not getting the best.

Vote Remain

So, if you want to Remain in the EU, then vote for it. Vote for the Liberal Democrat candidate.

Recent Articles

  • Run out of ideas article
    Article: Mar 4, 2019
    By Andy Hagon

    What is the Hartlepool Labour Party doing about the unemployment in the town? Hartlepool remains at the top, nationwide, for the proportion of people claiming jobless benefits according to the latest Department of Work and Pensions data. In Hartlepool there were 4,125 people claiming jobless benefits in December, which accounts for 7.2% of the working age population. What is particularly worrying is while the country, the North East, and even Teesside are doing well, Hartlepool isn't. What happens to our unemployment figures when the economy really turns for the worst?

  • 20th Feb Mail article
    Article: Feb 20, 2019
    By Andy Hagon

    The BBC did an analysis recently on where the best places were to live, if you were under 26 - and Hartlepool didn't fare well. Overall we got 4 out of 10, actually a flattering score considering 'mobile phone access' and cheap 'rental accommodation' (both 9 out of 10) pushed our average up. But when you looked at what there was for young people to do here, we scored particularly badly. We got 1 out of 10 for 'Going out' places, 2 out of 10 for sports facilities, and a particularly galling 0 out of 10 for employment (I think we were the only place in the country to get 0).

  • Skint Britain
    Article: Feb 16, 2019
    By Andy Hagon

    Why did the Labour Council allow the programme 'Skint Britain' to be filmed in our town? The programme would have struggled to make Hartlepool look any worse. We are supposed to be trying to encourage business and visitors to come here, to invest, to spend - the programme did little to encourage that. In fact, it did the opposite.

  • 14th Feb Mail article
    Article: Feb 14, 2019
    By Andy Hagon

    Indira Gandhi's grandfather once told her that there were two types of people in the world: those who do the work and those that take the credit. And he advised her to be in the first group, as there was far less competition. I was reminded of this quote when Labour were claiming all the credit last week, for the imminent return of some of our health services to the town. Evidently, it wasn't North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Trust who were responsible, nor the many complaints from the people of Hartlepool - no, it was all Labour. For Labour to be trying to claim all the credit is a disgrace.

  • Article: Feb 12, 2019
    By Andy Hagon

    So three Labour Councillors are putting up numerous signs about dog fouling in Manor Ward. It's quite a clever marketing ploy really - put up a few signs with poo on them, and every time you see them, you'll think of the Labour Party. Some however might be more cynical. Labour might think that spending tax payers money on a few signs, will lead people to believe they can also run a Council effectively, which of course they haven't done for over a decade. May is approaching, voters.

  • Young People Article
    Article: Feb 9, 2019
    By Andy Hagon

    £40 million sounds like a lot - and it is for a place like ours. But it doesn't sound like a big share of the pot when we are talking about the Tees Valley Combined Authority Investment Plan, which is a whopping £588 million. Somehow, it doesn't seem like Hartlepool has got its fair share. It doesn't seem that our Labour Council, and the Leader in particular, have fought and negotiated hard enough to get us a good deal.

  • Durham
    Article: Jan 24, 2019
    By Hartlepool Lib Dems

    So Durham have said 'no'. Councillor Amanda Hopgood, leader of the Liberal Democrat group on the council, also welcomed the plans saying she would like to emphasise what Councillor Henig said in thanking the independent panel for considering a rise, which would have been the first in 10 years, but given the financial situation that both the country and council still face it would be inappropriate to take it. Let's get more Liberal Democrat Councillors in local government - it makes sense.

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