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A warm welcome from the Hartlepool Liberal Democrats!

Thanks for visiting our website (especially to Victoria Ward residents who might be visiting us for the first time today)! You'll find information about who we are and what we stand for, you can download our Hartlepool Manifesto, join our campaign to help our Maternity Services as well as read lots of articles on local and national issues that matter to you.

So, why do Hartlepool Liberal Democrats exist? We believe that Hartlepool residents deserve the best - the best services, the best opportunities and therefore the best leadership. We truly do deserve the best! And we are determined to deliver the best and truly serve our fellow Hartlepudlians, all year round, given the chance.

But residents are not getting the best.

Vote Remain

So, if you want to Remain in the EU, then vote for it. Vote for the Liberal Democrat candidate.

Recent Articles

  • Mail article 5th April
    Article: Apr 5, 2019
    By Andy Hagon

    There's a saying that if you always do what you have always done, then you'll always get what you have always got. We are less than a month away from the May local elections and by the time you read this article you'll probably know who the candidates are that are standing in your Ward.

    Now the Council have been trying to persuade people to stand in the elections and a Council Spokesperson said that the town needs ' people who are capable, vibrant, energetic and engaged, with a commitment to local residents and a passion for making change happen.'

  • Mail Article 30th March
    Article: Mar 30, 2019
    By Andy Hagon

    I was reading the Hartlepool Post website the other day and something written by a contributor made me chuckle. He compared the 'standard' Hartlepool Councillor to a bear. The bear sleeps and only wakes when it's Summer. Similarly, he says, some Hartlepool Councillors only wake up at election time when there are votes to be had. Are your Councillors like that?

  • March 27th article to Mail
    Article: Mar 27, 2019
    By Andy Hagon

    Who do people think is the least trustworthy profession in the UK? Actually, it's not Politicians! (it's Advertising Executives, evidently). But Politicians do come a close second. And so I can understand why people might not want to vote in the coming local elections in May - but I would strongly urge that you do. The only way we can change who controls the Council is by voting for change.

  • March 23 article to Mail
    Article: Mar 23, 2019
    By Andy Hagon

    I don't know if you saw in the press recently, a report about the oldest rabbit in the World. He's called Mick, he's the ripe old age of 16 and lives in the United states, and the owner put his longevity down to being positive and adapting well to the aging process.

    Now if Mick had lived in Hartlepool all his life, all he would have known is Labour rule. There's always been a Labour MP, and the Council, apart from a couple of years, has always been Labour controlled. Now I wonder what Mick the rabbit would think about the progress Hartlepool has made over the last 16 years and if he thinks the Hartlepool Labour Party has made it a much better place to live and work. Would he see Labour's achievements as a crunchy carrot, a bit of limp lettuce, or out of date cabbages?

  • March 23 social media
    Article: Mar 22, 2019
    By Andy Hagon

    Hartlepool Labour are trying to take credit for the fight to bring back our Health Services. You know the ones - the ones that they allowed to be taken from us in the first place. Mike needs to tell us what he's doing about this, not blaming the Tories..........again.

  • 21 March 2019
    Article: Mar 19, 2019
    By Andy Hagon

    It's been interesting over the last few months to watch the Hartlepool Labour Party at war with itself. One section of the Labour Party believes in the vision and leadership of the current Council Leader. Many backed him in the recent leadership 'challenge' to ensure his reign continued, uninterrupted, and so still responsible for millions of pounds of our hard earned cash. (Although the challenge was not called a 'challenge', but rather 'an alternative solution to where we are'). Other Labour Party members, however, clearly don't have faith in his leadership skills.

  • 12 March 2019
    Article: Mar 13, 2019
    By Andy Hagon

    The issue of anti Semitism seems to follow the Labour Party around. And the consequences are being felt. A recent YouGov survey said that 34% of voters thought Jeremy Corbyn was anti Semitic, 43% think the Labour Party has a problem with anti Semitism, and that 60% think Corbyn has been incompetent in dealing with the issue. Indeed, when it came to light what Chris Williamson had said about anti Semitism, even some of his own MPs were astounded at how slowly he dealt with the issue.

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